Animated Infographics Power Bundle


Animated Infographics Power Bundle Review – Animated infographics within a few button clicks.


Infographics are a scientifically proven powerful way to increase viewer engagement. People take in visual information in a fraction of a second. When that’s combined with a small nugget of text based information and animation, it creates a visual element that captures your viewer’s attention and keeps them more interested in watching your videos.

Until now animated infographics have required expensive video creation tools and assets to create. But now that’s a thing of the past! With Animated Infographics Power Bundle you can create animated infographics quickly and easily using the free bonus Easy Animator app included in Animated Infographics Power Bundle.

Animated Infographics includes 14 modules with 25 infographic templates each. With Easy Animator you can add you own text and animate the infographics in minutes. Easy Animator even exports to GIF so you can create infographics for your site and social media campaigns.

Click the link below to check out Animated Infographics and see easy it is to increase the appeal of your videos with animated infographics! Click here for access: Download Animated Infographics Power Bundle


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